We at the Green Gables Care Home understand the difficulty you may be having in attempting to care for your loved ones while still achieving your own personal needs in life.  Our motto is “to respect and create an atmosphere of dignity for the elderly as well as providing home away from home. We arrange for transportation to their doctor's appointments, assist them with their medications, and with their personal hygiene and dressing. We also provide Home health nurses and physical therapy to come into the home. At Green Gables the residents are served three nutritious meals with snacks in between. Housekeeping, linen and laundry services, social, cultural, and spiritual programs are also provided. Our homes are specially designed and licensed to care for residents who have Alzheimer's and Dementia. We also provide ambulatory care, as non-ambulatory care.  At Green Gables we provide for your loved until the end with our Hospice License




We at the Green Gables Care Home, take great pride in our attention to all the needs of our residents.  We have 2 caregivers in each home, which is a ratio of 3 residents to every 1 caregiver.  We do this in order for your loved ones to receive the best personal care and the individual attention that they deserve. Our staff is trained to be diligent and resourceful in keeping our residents safe, healthy and happy.  We are continually monitoring their daily activities to ensure their safety as well as their happiness.  We maintain written charts to ensure that all medications are taken on time and that all residents are receiving their necessary rest and diet requirements.  This allows us to monitor any changes in the well being of our clients.  A written log is also kept for when our residents must leave our facilities for any reason.  We keep in close contacts with our residents’ personal physicians to ensure your loved ones are receiving all the medical attention they require.


Meals at The Green Gables Care Home are prepared fresh daily by our staff.  We serve three main meals and snacks in between.  The menu is prepared by a licensed dietitian to ensure that our residents are receiving well balanced nutritious, and appetizing meals.  We also cater to those with special dietary needs.  Diabetic residents are welcome.


We have a fenced back yard, specious patio, beautiful gazebo area for outdoor activities, and relaxation.  We also provide a fenced in area to invite our residents to gardening.  Some of our activities are playing Bingo and Card Games, and Exercise to Music.  The Green Gable Care Home will be using many of our community’s outside resources in an attempt to keep our residents from becoming homebound.  Our residents will be interacting with other seniors and availing themselves of the many resources available at the Clovis Senior Center.  Some of our fun activities include once a week trip to the mall.  We also have a visiting beautician to fulfill our residents’ needs.


We do speak Persian, Armenian, Assyrian, Filipino, and of course English.

Phone: (559) 297-9438

Fax: (559) 322-0866

Email:  alsheakalee@greengablescarehome.com